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You may be asking yourself...What can I do to help animals and stop cruelty?

So often we feel like problems such as this are too big for us to do anything about, however when it comes to animal cruelty we all have an ability and responsibility to do something.  

  • Report Animal Cruelty when you witness it.   When you witness animal cruelty call 911 and contact your local humane agency.  If you are asked to testify, do so.  A report of cruelty is the first step, however often times cases fail when witnesses aren't willing to testify if it goes to court.  
  • Protect your own pets from Animal Cruelty.  Never leave pets outside unattended.  Spay or neuter all your personal pets to prevent unwanted litters and straying animals.  Tend to all your pets veterinary needs.  If you are face with a financial hardship there are many organizations and resources to help you.
  • BE THEIR VOICE!  Speak up and speak out about animal cruelty.  Teach your children, neighbors and friends about the issues and why it is so important to work together to prevent cruelty.

Use the link above to make a donation.  To make monthly donations check the recurring box on the form.

Why is it so important to fight against animal abuse?

So often animal welfare organizations, their volunteers, and staff hear comments such as...it's just an animal, it's not like a person is being abused.  They couldn't be more wrong.  Profilers, criminologists, psychiatrists, animal welfare professionals and all members of the criminal justice system have witnessed how violence progresses. Today it is the family pet, the neighbors pet, or a stray wandering the streets.  That in itself it unacceptable, but the violence eventually spills over to a human being, whether it be a family member, significant other or a random stranger.   In many cases, when a family pet is being abused in the home, they are often not the only ones being abused.   When you step up and put a stop to violence against animals, you also help end a cycle of violence that affects an innocent person.  To learn more about what is called The Link, please visit  The Link Coalition.

Animal Cruelty takes many forms.  An animal abuser isn't defined by one gender, ethnicity, or economic status.  Animal abuse can be blatant, such as an animal being beaten or starved on purpose.  An animal being maimed or poisoned, used to fight with other animals or being fed to other animals for entertainment is considered animal abuse.  It can also be neglecting an animal's veterinary needs, not providing proper food and water, housing outdoors without shelter or with inadequate shelter, keeping them tethered without an ability to move away from their waste, housing them in their waste, or in the case of hoarding, housing multiple animals in a home or structure in unsanitary conditions.  

To get the true definition of animal cruelty as it pertains to Pennsylvania Law you can check out the Humane PA website.  There you will also find information about pending bills to protect animals and information on how you can get involved. 

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